Iron Workers International

Local 512


Ironworkers use hoists, cranes, and other lift equipment to unload, maneuver, erect steel beams and install reinforcing bar to create the foundations, superstructure and curtain walls of industrial facilities, commercial and residential buildings, bridges and transportation systems. Iron work requires situational awareness, spatial relations, comfort with heights, considerable physical strength, improvisational problem solving, mechanical intuition, ability to read blueprints, and communication skills.

Ironworkers have numerous specialties including the following areas (and more):

Structural steel erectors build the framework of large commercial and industrial projects.

Reinforcing steel installers place and secure the rebar in foundations and bridges.

Architectural & Ornamental iron work includes installation of curtain wall and wall systems on exteriors of buildings along with the installation of stairs, railings, fencing and much more.


To join an apprenticeship program you must be 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED and the physical ability to do the work. Please visit our website for application information   Ironworker Apprenticeship program is a four year/6,000 hour program of on-the-job training, plus related classroom and shop instruction. Apprenticeship classes are generally conducted after normal working hours to allow apprentices to gain on-the-job experience and earn a respectable wage while they are in training. Normally 2 nights per week, Sept thru May. The world-class education and training center is 100% funded by current active membership, apprentices are only required to pay a nominal amount for misc. items and tools, generally LESS than 2 weeks of wages.

Apprentice wages start at 70% of the Journeyman rate and will receive a 4% increase every six months provided on-the-job training and related class & shop instruction requirements are met. Apprentices receive the same health & retirement benefits as Journeyman. Visit our website for current rates & coverages.

Ironworkers education does not stop once his or her apprenticeship ends. Local 512 and the IW`s National Training Fund offer journeymen to continue their education and advance their skills with specialized courses in in all facets of our craft. Supervisory & leadership training, advanced welding, safety and health certifications, project management & planning just to name a few. Local 512 training centers are located in St Paul & Hermantown, MN, and Bismarck, ND.


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